The 19 Most Interesting Facts About Kentucky

  1. The Big Blue Nation is the largest (and some say craziest) college fan base in America. We don’t talk about it much but if we get excited we burn sofas in the front yard.
  2. We make the most popular American made sports car in Bowling Green, KY. That would be the Corvette.
  3. We pretty much invented fried chicken. Do NOT argue with this.
  4. We have more shoreline (yes, it”s fresh water) than Florida and more navigitable rivers than any other state in the lower 48.
  5. We have blue grass but it is rarely allowed to get tall enough to top out into a bluish flower. But when it does, it looks amazing.
  6. Cumberland Falls is one of only two places on earth where you can see a moon bow on a regular basis.
  7. Our limestone soil makes our water ideal for making Bourbon.
  8. Technically, Kentucky is not a state but one of four commonwealths. That just means in the early days we put people before government.
  9. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky. Sorry Illinois.
  10. We make Post-It Notes in Cynthiana, KY
  11. We invented the original energy drink in Winchester, KY the 1920’s, Ale 8 One.
  12. Two ladies in Louisville, Mildred and Patty Smith Hill, wrote “Happy Birthday To You” in 1893.
  13. We have a 400 mile yard sale on Highway 68. That would be four hundred miles of stuff.
  14. The Corning glass company in Harrodsburg, KY makes the glass covers for iPhones.
  15. An assortment of celebrities came from Kentucky. Here are a few: Mohammed Ali, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Loretta Lynn, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ashley Judd, Nick Lachey, Chris Stapleton, Crystal Gayle, Ned Beatty, Ricky Skaggs, John Michael Montgomery and a whole bunch more.
  16. Mary Towles Sasseen Wilson in Henderson County, KY is recognized as the first person to celebrate Mother’s Day in 1887.
  17. We have the biggest cave in the world, Mammoth Cave. We have caves pretty much under the whole state.
  18. The first commercial winery, First Vineyard, was started in Jessamine County, KY. in 1799. Daniel Boone did the survey.
  19. Our annual horse race is hands-down the fanciest and most exciting 2 minutes in sports. It attracts over 100,000 people to watch this 2-minute race. You have probably heard of the Kentucky Derby.

20 Things We Make in Kentucky You Might Not Know About

  1. Air Heads (Erlanger)
  2. Ale 8 One (Winchester)
  3. Candleberry Candle (Frankfort)
  4. Corvettes (Bowling Green)
  5. Dippin’ Dots (Paducah)
  6. Disco Balls (Louisville)
  7. Dixie Cups (Bowling Green)
  8. Duct Tape (Franklin)
  9. Duraflame Logs (Somerset)
  10. Ebonite Bowling Balls (Hopkinsville)
  11. Fruit of the Loom (Bowling Green)
  12. Gorilla Glass (Harrodsburg)
  13. Hot Pockets (Mt. Sterling)
  14. Jif Peanut Butter (Lexington)
  15. Kingsford Charcoal (Burnside, Summer Shade)
  16. Mingua Beef Jerky (Georgetown)
  17. Post-It Notes (Cynthiana)
  18. Ragu (Owensboro)
  19. Reynolds Wrap (Louisville)
  20. Snuggle Fabric Softener (Bowling Green)

18 Most Interesting Places in Kentucky

  1. Ark Encounter (Williamstown)
  2. Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland (Calvert City)
  3. Churchill Downs (Louisville)
  4. Creation Museum (Petersburg)
  5. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park (Corbin)
  6. Kentucky Horse Park (Lexington)
  7. Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay (Louisville)
  8. Louisville Mega Cavern (Louisville)
  9. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory (Louisville)
  10. Louisville Zoo (Louisville)
  11. Lost River Cave (Bowling Green)
  12. Mammoth Cave National Park (Mammoth Cave)
  13. National Corvette Museum (Bowling Green)
  14. National Quilt Museum (Paducah)
  15. Newport Aquarium (Newport)
  16. Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site (Perryville)
  17. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (Harrodsburg)
  18. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Louisville)